A Brief Aljabri Cement Industrials

The Manufactory of Aljabri company was the first name of the factory in 1982 and the machine of the production was at that time Rosakometa Italian production machine. However, the company in order of improve the quality and production line theydecided to expand and renew the production line to Three High tech productionline. All the new productionlines are in produce today.

Introduction of Aljabri Cement Industrial company

  • Commercial Name: Aljabri Cement Industrials Company
  • Owner: Saleh Ali Aljabri and Parnter.
  • Production: Solids Blocks in all sizes, curbstone, Interlock and Garden border.
  • Location: Block: 2 Area: 162 Omghara, Aljahra.
  • Establish:  Aljabri Cement Industrial Company established in 1982.
  • Average Production capacity per shift:

                   Concrete Block all sizes: 100000 block

                   Interlock: 10000 M2

                 Curbstone: 10000 M2

                   Garden Border: 20000 M2

  • Production sizes: All kind of concrete block thickness between 6 cm to 60 cm
  • Curing system: The Products are Cured in Very high pressure Steamed room for 6 hours in each circle. Also, we have 12 Steamed room .
  • Load: our product load testing between 60 Kg/cm2 to 600kg/cm2.
  • Handling and storing the product: in the manufactory the handling and storing by Forklift, However, the loading and delivering to client by the Mounting crane Trucks.

Aljabri Cement Industrial have all the approval of all the Ministries and Authorities